Jury members

Branislav Klašnja, born in 1975 in Novi Sad.

He finished elementary school and high school in Novi Sad.

Studied at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, study program film and TV editing.

Collaborated with Želimir Žilnik on several films as assistant director and editor.

He also collaborated with Marin Malešević, Sabolč Tolnai, Ivan Knežević as assistant director, director’s secretary, editor and producer.

He works as a video and film editor.

Predrag Peđa Radosavljević, born in Novi Sad, Serbia on 1972.

Since young age he developed interest in films in general, as he was passionate cinema theater goer. 

While was living in Berlin he started doing experimental 3 minute shorts on super 8 as well on video. He finished Academy of Arts Novi Sad – camera department.

As DoP he made various documentaries, music videos, short features as well as one feature-length film. Happily proud father of two daughters. Lives in Novi Sad, Serbia.