EXS 2016 – Selekcija muzičkog videa 2



Naz Önen, 3’11’’, Turkey, 2014.

Born in 9/4/1994, Naz Önen completed her primary, secondary and middle school education in Ankara Private Tevfik Fikret Highschool between the years of 2000 and 2012. She started her bachelor program at Bilkent University’s Communication and Design department, graduated in 2016. She has directed and edited several shorts as the producer, director, writer and editor. The short film she directed called If | Okyanus was a Finalist in “EU Human Rights” Short Film Competition in 2014 and it was selected and interviewed for CinéWomen Cahiers’ Biennial Edition in 2015. The same film has been included in 35thİstanbul Film Festival with Hrant Dink Foundation’s “Films About Conscience” Selection. She participated to New York Film Academy Filmmaking workshops, 1 Week in Paris 2014, 6 Week in Florence 2015 programs. In June 2015, she took part in Stone in The Well mixed photography exhibition held by CerModern. She continued Alternative Photogaphy as the mentor of several Cyanotype Workshops for undergraduate and graduate levels in Bilkent and Gazi Üniversity during 2015-2016 season.


Synopsis> Based on the true story of Okyanus (Ocean) Efe Özyavuz who hang herself on July 2014.

[ ]

Rick Niebe,1’, Italy, 2016.

[ ] a.k.a “Je suis DaDA” -a neo-dada post punk clip- original footage of an unknown movie.
Music by: PIL ‘Annalisa’ (remix)
Stills from: Ikea catalogue, Le nozze di Cana by Paolo Caliari (il Veronese), postcard of Pisa.

70 Streets

Maks Lyzhov, 7’07’’, Ukraine, 2016.

Synopsis> When Brovary village officially became a town, one third of its residents were communist. After 60 years and three revolutions such proportion didn’t change: thirty percent of its streets keep the names of the former empire.

Morningdeer: Therapy

Nikol Cibulya, 3’15’’, Hungary, 2016.

Synopsis> A music video for the Hungarian band Morningdeer, inspired by the city of Budapest and the German expressionism. It’s an underwater fairytale about a puppet who is seeking for the exit from the shadow world to the three-dimensional city, while becoming a real person herself.

Imaginary Pilot


Alexey Tomilov, 4’10’’, Russia, 2015.

Alexey Tomilov, director, CG artist. Born in Moscow 1984. Graduated from Moscow Architectural Institute 2007. Graduated from Wordshop communication academy – Creative video class 2013.

Synopsis> Contact with people is represented danger, but avoiding it, you get to a situation even more awful when surrounding people start seeming ugly, and it isn’t visible beauty.

Precious time

precious time

Olivier Jagut, 5’30’’, France, 2016.

Synopsis> Music video for the song “Precious time” from the Artist “Megrim”.

In dreams

in dreams

Anna Górska, 3’37’’, Poland, 2015.

Anna Górska – I am a graduate of graphic design and animation studies in Poznan, Poland. My first steps with art had already begun in childhood, from the music school, by photography to graphics and animation studies. As that photography has always played an important role in my life I decided to go one step further and start my adventure with a moving image.  “In dreams” is diploma project and also my debut with camera.

Synopsis> Short story about fine border between dreams and reality.

I’m not a Band – Easy

Toby Wulff, 4’, Germany, 2015.

Toby Wulff studied at the International Kaskeline Filmakademie, Berlin, which included master classes from Prof. Wolf-Dieter Panse, Kurt Bobek and Christian Almesberger (Enemy at the Gates, Aeon Flux, Das Parfüm).

In 2000 together with his brother Jan-Markus Wulff he founded the production company AVINTH FILM.

In 2002, he received his first major commission for a documentary about the biggest international music festival in Central Asia, Mongolia “Roaring Hooves”. Since then he has completed a further five documentaries about Mongolia and several international productions followed. The most celebrated of these films being “From a Blue Sky” (OT: Vom Blauen Himmel), which has been acclaimed in several internationally reviews and received a number of awards.

From 2011 Toby Wulff began working as live-visual-artist for several international stage productions. The production ‘Spirits Play’ (director: Lee Swee Keong) and produced by the Goethe Institute of Malaysia, has been a Germany, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia collaboration, which took place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2013.

In addition to documentaries for TV and cinema, Toby Wulff has focused on music videos and commercials and currently lives and works as a filmmaker, director and video artist in Berlin.


Synopsis> For this music video the director and the band invited the swedish exceptional dancer and finalist of this years German edition of the TV Show Got To Dance Anna Holmström and the no less talented Malik Davis. Directed by Toby Wulff the two dancers bring to life an empty flat telling the expressive story of “EASY”. A harmonic marriage of three art pieces and an incredibly strong symbiosis of music, dance and film.

Shadows of a Radio in the East

radio shadow east

Nacho Recio, 1’, Spain, 2016.

Telecommunications Engineer (Sound and Image) and Multidisciplinary Artist.
After directing a documentary in Hollywood about John Frusciante’s life (ex Red Hot Chili Peppers) he began to work making videos for music bands like Chambao (‘lo mejor pa tí’,2013).
He has also directed Tv series like ‘Fausto’ (2011) in super 16mm or Films like ‘N/949’ (2013).
His Videoart have been in museums like CAC Málaga or ERARTA Saint Petersburg (‘morphogénesis’,2014), winning prices in the International Experimental Cinema Festivals like BIDEODROMO 2015 (‘broken mirrors’, 2014) or in Important and independent Cinema Festivals like Festival de Cine de Málaga 2015, THIRD CULTURE Film Fest Hong Kong 2016, Feminist and Queer Int. Film Fest Bucharest 2015, Muestra de Videoarte y Video Experimental Intermediaciones Medellín 2015, EXILE Film Festival Malmö 2016, etc.


Synopsis> ‘Shadows of a Radio in the East’, recorded with a mobile phone, is presented as an audiovisual experimentation in the context of a Berlin still overshadowed by a dense and uncertain past.

Ghost Encounters of the Celluloid Kind


Rob Carpenter, 4’, Canada, 2015.

Rob Carpenter, an award winning Writer, Director and filmmaker with an indie film history spanning over 15 years. Current films include Dirty Bill Of Health (2013), Glass (2015) and Pneuma (2016).

As a Producer, a collection of five indie feature films on the global market with independent film company CS Films lends an above average result for a small ‘off the radar’ studio in the current industry climate. The most recent feature film presentation The Hard Cut is now live online with Video On Demand in Spain (2014).

With continued and constant activity in the film community, adding Shivers Film Society as one of the Board of Directors since 2012. A much needed film society that embraces and celebrates Canadian cult films and world cinema.

Since kicking off Random Dude Films in 2013, Rob has seen his projects through to over 40 Global film festivals to date where he’s been nominated and won numerous awards.


Synopsis> ‘There’s an Alien somewhere among the Ghosts…’ is what popped into my head as I saw my image sporadically pop up within the footage.
An experimental ‘self portrait’, so to speak, from standing on the outside looking in.
A collection of home movies from young versions of my family elders with the addition of my younger self (reels from a film I never ended up making in the late 90’s). The result is a bizarre but energetic 4 minute compilation where time moves yet stand still. It flies through the digital age backwards through the video decades and lands on the film reels. Imprinted on 8mm that spans over 50 years.
In addition, my love for the original ‘Wean’ music track that Natalie (Tate) created for my 2003 ghost story film ( Anna Lynn). In the end, combining it all was an enjoyable, creative experience for me to find a rhythm within the erratic footage.


The Rush


Sahar Tarzi, 3’37’’, Iran, 2015.

Sahar Tarzi, was born in 1989; Tehran, Iran .
She started her professional art activities from 2007 by freelance photography.

She’s been graduated at BA. In Cinema (Directing) from Sooreh university of Tehran at 2012.
Some of her professional resume :
Directing of short film [From here…] (2008)
actress in short film [The writer] (2009)
Makeing documentary [farhad aghily] (2010)
Directing of comedy short fim [falling down] (2011)
Directing of music video [ The cover] (2012)
Manager in imazhimage photography studio (since 2012)
Directing of music video [The rush] (2015)
Directing of short film [stopped moments] (pixilation animation)2015

Synopsis> A little girl is drawing some musicians in a driving car where her parents are arguing. Suddenly she faces with her drawings being animated. She wants to show it to her mother, but mother thinks it’s a trash and through it away…

Lepota je prolazna

Ksenija Kovačević, 3’27”, Srbija, 2016.

Ovaj video rad je više uradjen kao spot za ovu muziku. Moja inspiracija je bilo traganje, odrastanje, razocarenje, nisam nasao sto sam trazio,…  Lepota je prolazna. Vodila sam se krhkošću same prirode, koja je osetljiva i nežna, kao što su neke veze i priče prolazne, iako mi imamo potrebu da traju duže. Kao što svet nije crno beli nego ima stradanja itd.

Waiting for Arnold


Thomas Kuratli, 15’,  Switzerland, 2016.

Synopsis> „the Swiss Band Lord Kesseli & the Drums unveil a suitably mind-fuck performance video for their ‘Waiting For Arnold’ sprawling epic“

„a camera rotates around the band as they perform in a studio, and the show is punctuated by a number of theatrical touches. A muscley dude swings what looks like a thurible. There’s a bubbling cauldron of dry ice, and it all ends with some choirboys holding candles.“

„an hadron kaleidoscopic rotation of psychedelia, shoegaze, drone and stoner rock.“